We Teach : Kodokan Judo


Anchorage Judo Club, Anchorage  Alaska

               Our Kid's Beginner Judo Program


Provide structure for your child by adding Judo into their routine. Judo differs from many other martial arts because children must work with each other. In Judo your child will learn about cooperation and teamwork while making new friends. It also teaches sportsmanship through fun and friendly competition. Judo teaches children discipline by requiring them to always respect their instructors, teammates and training area. This code of conduct inevitably transfers to their home, school and friends. We offer a safe, clean and nurturing environment. The American College of Sports Medicine has noted that Judo is the safest contact sport for children under 13.The children practice in a group setting, but we assist each child with his or her individual needs, providing the guidance necessary for them to grow.


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