We Teach : Kodokan Judo


Anchorage Judo Club, Anchorage  Alaska

We are equipped with high quality Swain Judo mats (Tamami) to ensure the most comfort and safety for our students.

Our club is warm and friendly with a lets have fun attitude built into our Judo programs.

We strive to instill hard work, discipline, respect and fun into all our Judo training.

Our instructors have been teaching Judo for a life time and do so for the love of the sport and the kids.

Our instructors are dedicated well trained volunteers.

Our training is competition based but with flexibility built in, so that the recreational Judo player or new comer can have lots of fun also and still get a good workout.

We strive to be more than just a place to go and workout, we strive to have our dojo be a great social club where our members can make lasting friendships.

Please feel free to drop by our club.